About Us

About Us

In 1986 at the young age of 20, Takashi Yoshida launched Carrot Company in his hometown of Osaka, Japan. Wanting to follow his passion for design, Takashi’s first product was a pen case and he hired local seamstresses to make the product. As the product line and sales grew so did the workload and his community of seamstresses could no longer keep up with the demand.Searching for manufacturing partners, Takashi approached the Korean consulate in Osaka for help. The staff referred him to the Korean trade Center in Seoul and Takashi flew the same day to meet with trade officials in search of manufacturers for his growing product line.

Looking for a different approach to his backpack line, Takashi created a larger size backpack for the Japanese market similar to products sold in the United States. The Japanese market was receptive to the larger size backpack and sales grew rapidly allowing for the creation of other bags and accessories.

With its headquarters in Osaka, regional office in Tokyo and manufacturing in China, Carrot has become one the premier suppliers of backpacks, purses and fashion bags in Japan. There are 35 employees in the company and the design team is comprised of 11 members split between Osaka and Tokyo. In 2014 Carrot’s sales reached $50 million through 6,000-plus retail stores and internet sites.

Carrot in Japanese Kanji characters means “people” and “participate”, and Takashi’s desire was to establish a company where many people can participate in the success of the company. Takashi and his design team gain their fashion ideas by walking the streets of Osaka and Tokyo to better understand where the trends are and how they can simply fit in without becoming a high-end fashion statement. This approached has made Carrot a leader in its field by supplying “under the radar” accessories that complement all fashion trends.

Carrot Company entered the U.S. market and established the J. Carrot Company in Torrance, California. J. Carrot participates in the MAGIC tradeshows and sells direct to consumers through their branded website, online retailer partners, and brick and mortar stores.